Shifting the Path, a la Español.

Off Path History was originally launched with one goal in mind – teach America about historic gems which are not easily found.  After considerable thought, I have decided to reorient this site slightly.  This site will continue to be “off path,” but rather than be going off the beaten path as far as content goes, it’s going to go that route in terms of the audience.

Immediatemente, me hablo Español!

Yes, Off Path History will be going bilingual, for a very good reason.  There are a lot of law-abiding citizens in the United States of Hispanic descent who are either on their path to citizenship and have, for one reason or another, run into the roadblock known as the Citizenship Test.  Part of this test contains an American History portion, which can be daunting if you are a native Spanish speaker and struggling with the prescribed courses.  This website is intended to augment those classes by providing un enfoque diferente (a different look) at American history which is both factual and written in both native language and English.  Why am I doing this, well, to be honest, it’s not entirely altruistic.

As part of my own Bachelors Degree, I must complete 12 hours of Spanish and, in order to facilitate this in the faster manner possible, I must take the College Board’s College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) Test in Spanish.  A passing score for 12 hours of credit is 63 (I scored 49 my first time out).  I intend to retake this test between February and April in 2016, and my goal is a score of at least a 65.  To that end, I decided to integrate learning the language into my love of history and my passion for teaching.  I have a few native speakers who are assisting me with editing and vernacular but, to use the intended tongue, esa es un oportunidad muy excita!

These lessons will be rather brief at first but, as I become more comfortable in my Spanish, they will become more involved, with full-lessons in various subjects being offered on this site by late January.  I will touch on a variety of issues, from La Revolución Americano, to La Guerra de 1812, to la edad de la invención.

My goal is to help those of Hispanic descent wishing to become American citizens, regardless of how they started, learn both American History and English through side-by-side reading.  I invite the readers of my other blogs and social media feeds to share this with any Spanish speaking friends looking to brush up on their historia de Los Estados Unidos. Para la oportunidad educar nueva Americanos en la historia a la nation esta muy humillate.

Muchas gracias!


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